Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About Me

A little about me. I am a mother of two. I recently lost my full time job. I thought this was triadic at first but have began to settle into being a housewife. I have been enjoying being home to get my girls ready for school and not sending them to a sitters after school.

My youngest is 7. She is the kid that makes friends with everyone and can always make you laugh. Lovable, smart, friendly, talkative, happy, smiley and funny Reiley.

My oldest is 11 she plays softball, very smart and very self motivated. She likes to draw and write stories. She is very much a preteen and it seems like it happened over night. Fun, active, smart, funny, great laughter, happy, great sister, and creative Hailey.

OK so about me. I enjoy gardening I have found so many different plants that I never knew existed over the past few years. This year I am going to grow myself a big vegetable garden. I have fun with it and live for the summer months when I can go outside and play.

Cooking especially baking is one of my main past times. I love when we have company over and I can cook a meal and dessert for them. I guess i just thrive on the compliments that I get. Only human.

Now for some pictures. i am choosing pictures of my girls to show off. Tomorrow will be my newest project.

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